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Beautiful ring that creates lots of attention! I lost my wedding ring three years ago when I was pregnant and we decided not to purchase another one with a new baby on the way! I have gone all this time without a ring to keep on my finger every day and this one I bought to test out the style before purchasing an expensive one and to be honest, this one is so beautiful and looks like a $5,000 ring and I'm not fearful of losing it so I'm keeping this one, it's amazing!

Anna S...

Gorgeous! Really great bracelets and i plan on buying more~ no problems on my end, they fit just fine and look great. the color really shines in the sunlight.

Mag D.

This necklace is very beautiful and well made, it looks much better in person than in the picture (which is really saying a lot since it looks amazingly gorgeous in the pictures. I bought this for my girlfriend and she received several compliments on it already. It is a beautiful piece of jewelry.

Sarah T.